Alternative to State Sponsorship

Alternative to State Sponsorship

Alternative to State Sponsorship

EOI is a system where you can only express your interest but invitation depends upon the other party: immigration or state. When the Expression of Interest (EOI) started, my first observation was: what if you express your interest but are never invited. You need to maintain a visa for a long time and sometime may have to go back to the student visa. When the state was accepting every other application and so applicants had no other plans, my fear was what if state sponsorship is tightened up. In fact, NSW State Sponsorship was not such an easy thing that it would be simply granted by being able to apply then the whole point based system or EOI would be a disgrace. State so far as July has proven my fear as unwarranted; now in November, I see the dark cloud on the horizon again.

State Sponsorship is not an alternative as easy as it was. It is not an assured, dependable solution. If anyone or everyone can apply for state sponsorship, be nominated and granted permanent residency (PR) based on that, what is the point of immigration changing the PR visa system via the introduction of EOI. Everyone coming to Australia want to stay on and should be able to obtain a PR visa, if the criteria are met, however, we cannot anymore depend on state nomination for this.

We have experienced by now how unpredictable and unreliable state sponsorship is. We don’t have any better hope now that there was two unmanaged intake due to the unknown, uncertain and persistence system issues and failure. We cannot live without planning for a matter as important as permanent residency in Australia. Now that there are few thousand more applicants added to the growing list for February intake and so on; the comfort of waiting for the limited state nomination and the chances of getting one have a slim hope in my assessment.

Finding alternative is important. It’s about making sure you plan to your residency rather than just rely on such an unpredictable thing like state nomination.  It’s like creating a portfolio with multiple investments rather than the risky investment-putting all eggs in one basket. PR is a constant war between your point score and the required pool score; an uphill battle between immigration changes and your circumstances. And so there must be a contingency plan. There must be a way out or a plan to move on. You will always be in a better position if you have an Ace card in your hand. What if it never re-opens? What if there are issues like in the past? What if there are too many applicant and too little allocation? What if there are other new issues? Anything of the above can happen. You must be prepared. You must be ready to divert your pathway. There will be causalities if things are not planned and you don’t want to be one by investing in things that can help. These things you should do and do now will prevent you from being a casualty. Yes, it may be expensive and may need a lot of resources – time money and effort, but it is worth it.  

You cannot put your life on this one thing (state) and just wait. We cannot be that positive in life in a matter as important and where there is such uncertainty. We must start to analyze all our alternative, find the solution, plan ahead and determine a course of action. If you keep a backup plan, you won’t be left in a limbo or chaos as many are now in, should we not be able to get nominated in the coming intakes. There are other alternatives to an individual which must be reviewed. Talk to a professional migration agent or your present migration agent for analyzing all the alternative that you may have and plan ahead to beat the future. After all your future is much more important than the mere time and money you invest in the present. Investing in PR has a long-term positive net return in its own right.

You are welcome to discuss your concern; we are here to assist you in bringing your dream come true. You must act now for your future. There is no time to waste now to act in future to regret the present decision. There is some alternative to NSW state sponsorship. Look for it.

Hem Raj Bhatta

Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1466471)

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