Planning Residency Journey

Planning Residency Journey

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Gone are the days when you can pass the final exams and then start to think how and when you are going to obtain permanent residency. The rules, then, were not changing as frequently and the decision would be quicker. Once qualified, residency could be granted in less than a week with merely passing the exam and mere 6 IELTS score or so.  This seems like amusing grandfather’s time story.

Things have changed and are changing constantly. Currently, residency rules would change more frequently than the season and are getting tougher. Moreover, the same rules do not apply to all and will depend much on your individual situation. Of course, there are still a lot of options for one to get around and get the residency we all want so much and struggling towards for years. But, you must do one thing at least – you must plan; plan well ahead, plan from the beginning and plan with the right advice or guide.

By plan I don’t mean your mere thoughts and consideration only – it does not lead to residency. You need military styled, strategic planning – analyzing time, action and results with a strict guideline and process to be followed at specified times for reaching your residency goal. It’s not that people without a strategic direction cannot get a permanent residency, they can and they will. The only thing is it will take more resources and if you plan and invest time and money now you will save or spend less than what you would otherwise. After all, you don’t want to lose in your future than your present resources. I am cynical rather trying to be practical in stressing the need for planning ahead and leading your way to residency – without this as well people can get residency. It is just to stress the need for more organized, practical and more focused approach to achieve the end result.

Permanent residency is not a right nor is it something you curse your luck for. Rather, it is a specified system of getting your quality and essentials right. If you meet the checklist, you get the score and you will get the residency. It is such simple things which still people don’t understand, plan and act upon accordingly. And, the sooner you get it, the higher is the chance of avoiding future score changes and or the higher chance of staying at a higher score in future. Simple it is the game of meeting or exceed the score and waiting the best way. And for meeting the score required, you need to know where you are and where you want to go and how you will go there and when.

All these need simply planning, organizing and act accordingly. Sometimes some professional advice and some thought on basic from them will help but mostly your thoughtfulness will matter the most. It is simple, so you can do it yourself, however, it is always a good idea to invest on professional advice so that they can plan ahead and guide you and remind you of your action plan and course of action. And trust me, this is a wise investment and one you should rather do. It is for your better life and future and the future of your family that you need this investment of time and money and this planning ahead and acting on those plans with the guidance from the professionals.
After all, the professionals, I am talking about will merely charge you a lot compared to what you would end up in saving in the end. Further, the assistance will save you a lot in the future and in losses otherwise in visa renewal and visa maintenance, should you go lose on an unplanned permanent residency journey.

Who do you trust for your life – yourself or a professional or BOTH?


Hem Raj Bhatta

MARN: 1466471


This is an opinion piece only and not a professional advice. Please consult a professional Registered Migration Agent for more details.

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